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Adult KEC Daily Activities Vocational Educational Level

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Record any changes to the client's education.  Indicate client's educational setting(s) that your client is enrolled in including both new and ongoing


Date of Educational Setting Change 


Please indicate the date that your client started or stopped any educational program.


Make sure to document your client stopping or starting of school (e.g., graduation, summer vacation).  If your client dropped out of school, please also fill out this section of KEC.




Current Employment 


Indicate client's changes in his/her employment and to include mulitiple jobs held by your client (if applicable).  Record client's average number of hours per week and the hourly wage.  Fill in the date that your client's employment status changes.  


Please note: Under Current Employment, if you select "Yes" for "Is the client unemployed AT THIS TIME?" then NO ITEMS can be selected from the list above--not even "Non-paid (Volunteer) Work Experience." 


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