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Adult Physical Health

Page history last edited by Richard Hoskins 9 years, 6 months ago

This is the Physical Health Section of the Baseline. 



For each of the following statements

-for *CURRENT* (=last 4 weeks) check *YES*, *NO* and

-for the last 12 months check *YES*, *NO*.


Client states he/she is in good physical health?


 For the next series of questions it is important to distinguish between the availaibility of services for a client and the clients willingness to use those services.


Client has access to needed medical services?

      -This question asks if the client has the means to get medical services or whether they have medical insurance.


 Client receives needed medical Services?

      -Does the client actually go to see his/her doctor?


 Client has a primary care physician?

Same issue. 

 Client uses a primary care physician?

Same issue. 

 Client has access to needed dental services?

      -This question asks if the client has the means to get dental services or whether they have dental insurance.


 Client receives needed dental services?

      -Does the client actually go to see his/her dentist?


Is client obese (based on BMI)?

You don't have to just guess at this question, use the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine an objective answer.


Has client ever been told by a physician that he/she has diabetes?

      -Record Type I or type II only, not "gestational diabetes" (diabetes developed during pregnancy).


Check *YES*, *NO* for the following two statements:

Did client receive physical health services from a DHS clinic or hospital in the past 12 months?


Department of Health Services (DHS) has published a list of their clinics if you're not sure...Harbor/UCLA is an example of a DHS (or County) Hospital).

List of DHS clinics


Does the client have a chronic physical health care problem or problems that require periodic medical services?


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