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Outcomes Measures Application System Requirements


Minimum System Requirements


The MHSA Outcomes Measures Application (OMA) is a web-based ASP.NET computer program designed to run on a Windows operating system with Internet Explorer 6. JavaScript and Cookies must be enabled in order for the application to function correctly. The use of any other web browser may result in the user interface displaying incorrectly or features being disabled and is not recommended.


An Integrated System (IS) or Department of Mental Health (DMH) NT username and password is required to sign into OMA. If accessing this application from outside the DMH network, an internet access and a RSA SecurID will also be required.


NOTE: Using a DMH NT username and password will only allow viewing data.


Recommended System Requirements
Computer/ProcessorPentium III Processor 500MHz or better
Operating SystemWindows 2000 or Windows XP
Memory 128MB RAM
DisplaySXGA (1280 x 1024) or higher-resolution
BrowserInternet Explorer 6
Network ConnectionBroadband internet access (Cable, DSL or T1)*

*If accessing from outside the DMH network.


Your browser should be set to allow Pop Ups.

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