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Data Change or Deletion Request

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How do I delete or change an assessment?  The OMA won't let me!


 If you accidentally created an Assessment (Baseline, KEC, 3M, or FCCS Update), or if you need to change or correct a piece of information that you can't edit yourself, please use the OMA Data Change / Deletion Request. You should be able to make changes to those assessments that you created or were created by staff at your agency.  Baselines, KEC's or 3M's created in error at other agencies may be edited by those agencies or corrected by the MHSA Implementation Team.   


This is a fillable form, meaning that you can open it in Adobe Acrobat and type in your information. Hit the "Print Form" button, and then fax it to Kara Taguchi.


What happens after I send the request in?

You'll get a confirmation email acknowledging your request and providing a "Sharepoint" number (SPID #) for that request. Save that message and record the assigned SharePoint ID onto the corresponding request form; the Sharepoint number is our identifier and will help us track your request. The backlog on these changes is large and continues to grow. To give you an idea of how large the backlog is, we receive on average 150 new requests every month. To check status on your request(s), please email Anthony Zavala azavala@dmh.lacounty.gov referencing the SharePoint ID that was assigned to that request. If your request for a client becomes a pending disenrollment, please notify Anthony. Standard requests are processed in the order they are received.


Important Issues for sending in an OMA Data Change/ Deletion Request Form:


1. Be sure to fill in ALL of the Requestor Information: Your Name, The date you are submitting the request, Your Phone Number with extension, Which Program the Client is in (FSP Child, FSP TAY, FCCS), Your email address, the Reporting Unit Number that the client is being seen in, and finally your agency name spelled out.  All of this information is important to for us to be able to start helping you with your OMA issue. If you handwrite your request, please ensure that your writing is legible.

2. When checking a box for assessment (Baseline, KEC, 3M, FCCS Update) please be sure to list the ID number (for the Assessment you want us to look at) next to the check box.  In the same way if you are requesting to have a date changed, say for program effective date, please be sure to give the date that you want change "FROM" and what date you want it changed "TO" on the form.

3. Please list the reasons for the assessment or program deletion you are requesting. This helps in several ways, first it helps us know what you want done, it helps up track confusing or difficult aspects of the OMA process and make adjustments, and it assists in making the deletion process more efficient.







Finally, after you fax in your deletion request you will be contacted by email and notified that your reqest has been recived and you will be given a unique SharePoint ID # (SPID#) which you should use in ALL further communication with us about this client.  This will allow us to communicate about your client by email without any HIPAA violation of exchanging Protected Health Inforamtion (PHI). 






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