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Fixing Problems in OMA Assessments

Page history last edited by Richard Hoskins 12 years, 7 months ago

Errors in Living Arrangements


The Living Arrangement Exception Report generates a list of problems in Baseline Living Arrangements--but what do they mean? How to fix them? 


This table describes the issues and the solutions:


Living Arrangement exception reason grid revised 1-29-10.xls


And for more on Living Arrangements you might look at Tips on Living Arrangement  or for clients with Partnership Dates from 2/29/08 to 3/1/09, you might check out the Leap Year page.



Errors on the Baselines


The state also has error codes we see when we are trying to process your files. If you have received a report with those errors, take a look at this guide:


Baseline Rejection List for OMA (rev. Feb 2010)



Baselines with no KEC's


Some providers have asked us why this report exists:  what does it mean, and why is it important?


Given the nature of the work that FSP teams do with clients (and the intensity of our interactions with them) one would expect that we are seeing the sorts of changes that KEC's record. For children there should certainly be at least one KEC per year when they complete a grade level. Adults will probably see more changes per year (in jobs and housing, for example). Older Adults might be in more stable situations regarding housing and employment, but perhaps they will have more KEC's related to health. TAY clients will probably be quite active in education, housing and employment.


While it is true that a client with NO  KEC's might be a well-stabilized client...but if that is true, one might wonder why they are in FSP at all. There might be populations for whom this is not true (as in the case of one of our providers that works with young mothers), but for most FSP clients a lack of KECs merits examination.



For a list of KEC Triggers, please take a look at this page:






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