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Lives with Biological-Adoptive Parents

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Consumer is living in the home of their adult family member(s) and is dependent on the adult family member(s).   Note that the consumer does not have to be sharing the same physical apartment or house as the adult family member(s). The usual example of this category is a consumer who is living with and dependent on his/her parents. Another example would be an elderly consumer who is living with his/her adult child on whom the consumer is dependent. However, this category is not intended to apply to a consumer who either by choice or necessity is taking care of his/her elderly parents who are dependent on the consumer. If the consumer is the “head of household” and would be living independently were it not for his/her desire and/or need to care for the dependent relative(s), then the consumer’s status should be coded as #3 below (Alone or with Spouse/Partner/Minor Children/Other Dependents).


Residential Types


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