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OMA Movies

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These interactive, online movies will help you understand and work with the OMA and the Integrated System.

Please turn on your speakers or plug in your headphones: these movies have sound!


Intro to FCCS details the changes we made in June 2009 to add in FCCS


Intro to OMA33 (SELECT DOWNLOAD ON NEXT SCREEN TO PLAY) -- Looking at changes in the OMA as of May 2009


Baselines  (SELECT DOWNLOAD ON NEXT SCREEN TO PLAY) -- All the basics on Baselines, including special information about Leap Year and Specialized Foster Care and FSP's


3M or Quarterly  (SELECT DOWNLOAD ON NEXT SCREEN TO PLAY) -- How to handle the 3M, including special tips on the 3M Tickler


KEC's  (SELECT DOWNLOAD ON NEXT SCREEN TO PLAY) -- What triggers a KEC, and how do you start one?



IS for MHSA Providers  (SELECT DOWNLOAD ON NEXT SCREEN TO PLAY) - This movie will introduce you to some important aspects of working with the IS and your FSP clients.



Need some help with the Integrated System?


A complete series of IS Movies are availble on the Integrated System's IS MOVIES PAGE

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