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What's New on the OMA

Check this listing for a running history of technical updates, system changes, and other events in the OMA

Look Here for Release_Notes.




Yesterday DMH rolled out a patch to some OMA data. The problem affected a very limited group of people. According to developers, "We are still not sure how it is occurring, but intermittently a KEC or 3M is being associated to the wrong Baseline.  In 2013 there are 4 mismatched KEC’s and 0 mismatched 3M’s.  To fix the problem, we are using the client id from the  associated Episode to find the correct Baseline and update the foreign key in the KEC. "



DMH is rolling out an interim release of the Outcome Measures Application that will address a number of minor issues. Some of the issues that users have had include the following:


  • Users have been unable to edit Discontinuation KEC’s that were created before 1/30/2013
  • Some FCCS users have been unable to create baselines because OMA created two programs (which users cannot see or fix).
  • Users have gotten incorrect or misleading error messages in some cases (when creating a 3M on a discontinued client, for example)
  • Users have not been able to enter outcomes for clients with more than 100 episodes.


These issues and several others have been addressed in this new rollout, OMA 3.4.2. More detailed technical information will be available on the OMA Wiki.



Implemented changes to the FCCS section of the OMA. These are bug fixes for situations where users were not able to complete Updates (Termination, 6-Month, etc.). See Fixing the FCCS Bugs for details.



Caminar Integration was completed and OMA was returned to service at 8AM today. Some contract providers were using Caminar to collect Outcomes data instead of OMA.  The purpose of this integration is to meet the State mandate to report outcomes for all FSP.  Since the data from Caminar is now integrated in OMA, contract providers have the ability to view as well as enter and edit data in OMA.  Contract Providers also have the ability to add new assessments based on the existing data so long as they are associated to client.  Contract providers stopped using Caminar as of 1/3/11 and started using OMA today, 2/2/11.



DMH has delayed the restart of the OMA for one day to ensure that all relevant testing has taken place. The OMA will be back online Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011.



The OMA was shut down today to complete the Caminar Integration project, and will be brought back online Tuesday, February 1st, at 8AM. For details, see this page: Caminar Integration



Release 3.3 rolled out with improved screen layouts, easier Wizards, and a new Program Validation feature.


See this page for more info: OMA 3 3 Overview



Release 3.2.4 was rolled out, and it included fixes for Wraparound users: previously they had some problems starting assessments because OMA thought they were FCCS clients and refused to start those assessments. A few other minor fixes were also made:  please see the release notes (above) for a full list.



Release 3.2.3 includes a number of fixes to the FSP section of the OMA. Please see the release notes (above) for a full list.



Release 3.2.2 includes a few fixes for FCCS: FCCS  clients should not show up o n the 3M  tickler, the FCCS  Baseline demographics were missing client names, and users were getting error message "Object reference not set to an instant of an object."



DMH is releasing a new version of the OMA (3.2.1) that fixes a number of small issues with spelling, labels, and so on. This release also adds in the Wraparound FSP Programs for Children and TAY.



DMH completed the release of OMA  3.2 after a delay due to database issues.




DMH will be releasing a new version of OMA that splits the FSP and SFC wizards. For screenshots and more information, please see this document:


OMA Revisions SFC and FSP Split




OMA  3.1.3 was released today. This new version included a fix for the Living Arrangement problem on the Baseline: users have been unable to see the Living Arrangements they have entered after they hit Save. Those Living Arrangements _are_ there, but they are not being shown.

After the fix happens on Friday, when you go back in to these records you will be able to see those Living Arrangements.

SOME USERS ENTERED LIVING ARRANGEMENTS MULTIPLE TIMES because of this bug. If you did this, you will see twice (or three or four times) as many Living Arrangements as you should! If this is the case, simply click on the red "X" next to the extra Living Arrangment lines. Hit the TOTAL DAYS button, and you should be good to go.

If you have Baselines you need to enter right now, you can use the VIEW button (the magnifying glass) once you have entered the Baseline to check those Living Arrangments. However, some users might find this confusing. Another option is to enter the rest of the Baseline, and hold the Living Arrangement data entry until Friday after the new version of OMA is installed.

We will also be fixing a few other minor issues: a problem with recalculating overlapping dates on the Baseline Living Arrangement, and a KEC problem that was not allowing some users to enter Residential info (an "Unable to access data"error).



OMA  3.1.2 was released today. It fixed some minor bugs. The new version of OMA featuring Field Capable Clinical Services was deployed today. See Release_Notes for details.



OMA  3.1.1 was released today. It includes many fixes to the release of 6/26 including...


Fixed wrong client information showing up

Added data entry screen for FCCS termination

Misspelled word satisfied

·         Fixed Error messages for validations on FCCS OMA Date field  

o   Prior to FCCS Start Date

o   Future Dates

·         Added the “Is Completed” field to “My FCCS Baselines”, “My Team FCCS Baselines”, “My FCCS Updates”, “My Team FCCS Updates”

·         Added the busy signal to the “Add Baseline” and “Add Update” pages when “Save” or “Cancel” is clicked

·         Modified the update type on My FCCS Updates” and “My Team FCCS Updates” to display the description in place of the ID.




DMH  released a new version of the OMA today:  OMA  3.1, Please see the FCCS page for details.




The OMA Development Team identified a bug in Living Arrangements that started with 1/1/09. The OMA was unable to accurately calculate Living Arrangements...a fix was installed on 1/7/09.



The OMA Development team uploaded a new version of the OMA on Thursday, July 10, 2008.  This new version is 2.6.2.


This new release will feature a number of improvements including...



  • Performance enhancements to reduce page load times
  • Fixes to the Living Arrangements sections (the "Tonight" only bug, for example)
  • Cosmetic fixes to the OMA and the printable forms


A full list of changes is available on the Release_Notes page.




The OMA Development team uploaded a new version of the OMA on Friday, May 30, 2008 to fix some minor problems in version 2.6.


One fix had to do with the "Prior to the Last 12 Months" box on Living Arrangements. If a user checked that box without providing dates on that line, the system returned an error.


The others were on the Child 3M Physical Health Section. Two questions were not being recorded correctly: “Client receives needed medical services?” and “Is the client receiving prenatal care?” are now saving the correct data.


It's also been noted that many users are experiencing problems on Living Arrangements because they are entering overlapping dates.




The OMA Development team made a minor change to the OMA on Friday, May 16, 2008.


The "view" option, which allows users to open and print a PDF version

of each assessment, was changed back to a magnifying glass icon.

Users will be familiar with this icon: it's what they saw for the old

view/print option. It functions exactly the same way the "view"

link did: the change is only cosmetic.


Our developers wanted to make this change to be consistent with the

design of the OMA.





Today, the DMH OMA team uploaded a new and improved version of the Outcomes Measures Application. This version (OMA 2.6) includes a number of important features.
- The Living Arrangements section has been improved in several ways. OMA will check for a number of different mistakes (entering negative dates, entering overlapping dates, or forgetting to check the YESTERDAY and TONIGHT boxes), and it has been adjusted to account for Leap Year.
- You will now be able to print an entire assessment under the Show Assessment section.
- The 3M Tickler will no longer show clients who have left your agency, and it will show clients who have been re-established at your agency.
- Previously, clients who aged up to the next Group (from TAY to Adult, for example) between the time an assessment was written up and the time it was entered into the OMA would create problems: OMA would show the age group at time of data entry. Now, OMA will show the form for the correct Age Group at the time of assessment.
In addition to these changes, a number of smaller changes were made. You can see a complete list of the revisions right here:


Release Notes for May 2, 2008 version (2.6)





It's Leap Year! The following info was sent out on OMA Chat about that...




As you no doubt noticed on Friday, 2008 is a leap year. February 29th

brings the total number of days in 2008 to 366.


The OMA program is set up to take account of this when calculating

things such as the window for filing 3M's, but one thing you will

need to be mindful of is the calculation of Living Arrangements on

any new Baselines for the next year.


In the past, our advice concerning Living Arrangements has been to

write the date range in the top margin before you start tracking, and

to start 365 nights before the Partnership Date. For example, a

Baseline for a client with a Partnership Date of February 15, 2008

would mean that you need to collect Living Arrangements data from

February 15, 2007 to February 14, 2008.


Since the Leap Year puts us off by one day, you will need to start

your calculation a day later. In other words, if your client has a

Partnership Date of March 4, 2008, 365 days before that date (adding

in February 29th) is March 5, 2007.


This difference will remain in effect until March 1, 2009






We've created a very complete and (we hope) helpful example of how to fill out Living Arrangements. Check it out right here.





We're rolling out new online training movies starting today: the first one is targeted at IS users who have to bill for MHSA clients, and even more specifically Children's providers. Take a look at this new "IS Movie" here...


IS for MHSA Providers


...and watch for more movies in the near future.




A new version of the OMA is being installed today...the system will go offline at 3PM for an hour or so, and the new features include the following:



  • 3M Tickler feature added. This is a list of clients that have 3M Assessments Due 15 days prior or 30 days after the current date. When a 3M is created the client is removed from the list.


  • Added "Partnership Date", “Program” "Assessment Completed By" and "Assessment Date" to all "My Assessments" and "My Team Assessments" pages.


  • Front End validation for "New FSP Program Name" and its associated "Date of Change" field added on "KEC Admin Info" page for all groups.


  • If “no” is selected for question “Did the client receive services in an Emergency Room or Crisis Stabilization?”, then associated fields default to zero(Hospitalization / Crisis Stabilization pages for all groups).


See this document for screenshots and other information: New_to_OMA_November_2007.pdf





The OMA Team has been analyzing data and making site visits, and we've learned that there are a number of providers who are falling behind in terms of completing "3M" or Three Month assessments for their FSP clients. This can cause a lot of trouble for an agency down the road, since the State will not accept 3M Assessments that are late. Missing several 3M's could negatively affect your Outcomes and therefore your program and your funding.


Please bear in mind these important facts:


- The 3M or Quarterly Assessment is based on the original Partnership Date, whether your agency did the Baseline or not.


- If your Partnership Date is Jan 2nd, then you have a 3M due on April 2, July 2, Oct. 2, Jan 2, and so on.


- You have a 45 day window around the due date to complete the 3M: 15 days before the due date to 30 days after. Please make sure your data entry staff has time to enter it within that 45 day window.


- Remember, your NEXT 3M Assessment is based on that original Partnership Date, not on the last time you did a 3M!


- FOR ALL ASSESSMENTS (Baseline, KEC, 3M): you must enter date in a timely and accurate fashion as the State and County will be looking at timeliness and accuracy!


Take a look at this very handy and helpful guide to the 3M…it includes clear examples and a chart of due dates:


3M Cheat Sheet


And please feel free to send questions to us if you have any issues with the 3M.





The LA Times published a major article on MHSA/FSP. Read the LA Times Sept 16 Article about MHSA/FSP




Friday afternoon's upload of a new version (2.4.4) was a success. There were some cosmetic changes made to forms, and we resolved the issue where some users unable to select an episode on the Begin KEC and Begin 3M pages.




The release of the new version of OMA seems to have gone well, but we have caught a couple of minor problems. One that users will have noticed is that some of the screens have not yet been updated to match the new version of the forms...some of the KEC and 3M screens are still under constructions. We expect those to go into production any day now.


In addition, we've been putting in some security guidelines that will basically make it so that only people at your location will be able to edit assessments you have created.


A few issues were addressed on Friday, August 10th...that brought us up to OMA version 2.4.2. The additional fixes should happen this coming Friday (8/17).



Today, August 1st, 2007, at approximately 4PM, the OMA Development team will take the Outcomes Measures Application offline to deploy a new build of the OMA. The system will be offline for at least two hours. This new build features fixes for a number of issues such as missing Episode Numbers, the ability to create assessments for clients with closed episodes, and also the ability to create assessments for clients who started at another agency. With this new build we are also launching revised and simplified forms that are being released today as well.




These new forms are dated 8/1/2007 in the lower left-hand corner. Please note that if you still have data on the old forms (those forms dated 11/2006) you will still be able to enter them into OMA, but from today forward please ONLY use the new, 8/1/2007 forms.All these revised forms are available at the OMA website (also known as the Wiki) at the following address:



The OMA website also features a number of documents that describe the changes to the system and to the forms. Please know that for the most part we have sought to simplify and improve the forms and the OMA program itself. You can read about the changes here:





As always, if you encounter problems with the OMA you should call the DMH Help Desk to report them. That number is 213-351-1335.


And if you have questions about training or other issues, please send John Flynn an email at jflynn@dmh.lacounty.gov



Well, Friday the 13th is here and we're all still using the same

forms and the same OMA...here's a little news on that score.


Several of you have noticed issues with entering assessments for

Baselines that you didn't create, or for Baselines where the Episode

is closed. Specifically, you CAN'T! This is causing a backlog for

some providers: we apologize for that!


Meantime, we've asked you to put your assessments in ASAP so that you

will be ready for the new forms and the the OMA screens that we're

going to release. Unfortunately, some of you can't put in those

assessments for the reasons I listed above.


Here's what we're planning:


1. Next week, we have scheduled a release of a new version of the

software to address the "can't enter the assessment" problem.

2. We're also planning on fixing the problem some of you saw where

you could find the client but couldn't see the Episode number...so

you couldn't start a Baseline. From now on we will put the Provider

number in there if for any reason we can't get the Episode number, so

that you will be able to start the Baseline.


We're hoping that new version of OMA will be released a week from

today, on July 20, 2007.


After that, we've got the forms to deal with. This has taken a LOT of

time because although the changes are very small (many of them are

just formatting/layout changes), we want it to be perfect the first

time. We are subjecting about 80 pages of forms and the screens that

go along with them to very rigorous testing/proofing.


Our plan is to release the new forms/new screens around the 27th of

July. We will be releasing the new forms a little ahead of the

software changes, and we will also be providing you with a

special "Old vs. New" training guide to spell out the important



Thanks so much for working to get all the data in: we know from your

calls and emails that you're trying your best to stay ahead of the

curve. We'll provide you with additional updates as we get closer to

the release dates.




A number of users have noticed that after they've closed an Episode they can no longer add assessments. Likewise, if a client has transferred into your clinic (i.e. someone else did the Baseline at another Reporting Unit), you cannot add assessments. This is not the way the system is meant to work: our next build will include a solution to this problem.




Over the past several weeks the OMA has been unavailable to users because of an outage at ISD. Our development team has opened a ticket with ISD (which is a separate County office that maintains the computer servers many of our applications run on), and our developers suspect that it is another program running on those servers that is causing the problem. The outages are getting less frequent, and we're monitoring the application inside DMH to make sure it's up first thing every morning.




Several users have informed us that there's a problem with adding KECs

and 3Ms for Baselines that were created by another Reporting Unit. For

example: a client has moved to your FSP from another FSP, and you want

to start recording assessments in the OMA...but it won't let you!


We are aware of this problem and working with the development team to

fix it as soon as possible. In the meantime, please continue to capture

those KECs and 3Ms on the paper forms. We will inform you (via OMACHAT)

when the system is working as intended.


Thanks to those of you who called in HEAT tickets to the Help Desk!





A new and improved version of the OMA will be put into production

today, Friday May 4, 2007, at 4PM. The system will be offline for

about an hour.


The new features include...


-Removal of duplicate staff codes from the "Assessment Completed By"



-A new field on the "My Assessment" and "My Team Assessment" screens

to show assessments users have marked as completed, and also the

ability to list those assessments marked completed.


-On the "My Assessment" and "My Team Assessment" screens, clients can

now be sorted by first or last name.


...and a few minor bug fixes were made as well.


Here are the Release Notes for this new May 4, 2007 version



A new version of the OMA software is being posted today (3/28/07) at

approximately 4PM. Users may see a brief interruption in service at

that time. Read the Release Notes.


New features include the following:


1. You must assign a client to a program before you can create a



2. When a client changes or disenrolls from a program you record this

in the KEC Admin Info Section.


3. Inactive Date removed from Add Program page.


4. Client Program Inactive Date will be set automatically when a KEC

Program change/disenrollment is entered.


5. Client Programs List will be updated automatically when a KEC

Program change/disenrollment is entered.


Here's hoping #1 fixes the problems some of you have had with





Our first OMA training "movie" is now online...click OMA Logon Movie to see it.




A new version of the Outcome Measures Application (ver 2.1.1) was put into production today. Users will notice a few important changes:



  • Users will only see ONE window instead of two when they log on. The pop up window that appeared after logon has been removed
  • The "Back" button on the browser has been disabled. This should prevent users from accidentally adding pages too many times.
  • Baseline, KEC and 3M "Save" buttons have been disabled after one click to prevent data entry errors
  • The "Assessment Completed By" and "Assessment Date" fields have been moved to the "Begin Assessment" page on the Baseline, KEC and 3M.
  • A new "Total" button has been added to the Hospitalization/Crisis Stabilization page. This button will total the number in the five boxes above it.
  • The Edit Programs page time stamp is now automatic: user will not need to enter anything there.
  • The default record page size on "My Assessments" and "My Team Assessments" has been changed from 10 to 100.





There were a number of problems with both the OMA and the OMA Wiki starting last Wednesday as a result of a massive Virus Attack that went after various business servers. No data was lost, but some users complained of problems with entering data. Many wiki users had a problem running searches.


As of today, security patches have been installed on a number of the systems that we use, so the system seems to have returned to normal.




The application has been changed so that when you Begin any assessment (Baseline, KEC or 3M), the system will prompt you for "Assessment Completed By" and "Assessment Date" before it takes you to the first page of the assessment.


Before this change was made, the OMA team also added a "Baseline Completed" checkbox, as well as "KEC Completed" and "3M Completed" checkboxes. Assessments are only considered complete (meaning they are ready to be added to the database) when a user checks this box! We know that you sometimes get to the end of the assessment, but you still need to add information. This new checkbox lets you tell us when you are done.


Users can edit their assessments AFTER they have checked the "Completed" box, however we will be looking into locking assessments after a certain period.


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