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Page history last edited by John Flynn 13 years, 6 months ago

What happens if I start clients off in one Reporting Unit ("RU"), but then change RU's when my FSP gets a new office?


For this example, the old RU is 7430, and the new one is 7648)


1)       Find a data entry person that has the ability to enter data for both sites (7430 and 7648)

2)       Search for a client and go to their baseline. 

3)       Click on the baseline and choose create new KEC

4)       This will bring you to the start page for KEC

5)       Select the episode in which you created the baseline

6)       Select the staff code for who is making this change

7)       Enter the assessment date

8)       Enter the new provider number (7648) and the date of provider number change and click save.  

9)       Check the KEC complete box near the top of the screen

10)   Click on the last tab “legal” and click “next”         

11)   Click on Finish

12)   Once you do this you will be able to enter KEC and 3M assessments associated with the baseline created in provider 7430.  You should still be able to create KECs and 3Ms that might be past due in 7430 before the client transferred over. 




You will not be able to edit the Baseline under the new Reporting Unit, but you will be able to add KEC’s and 3M’s.


Past users of the Integrated System know that in this situation they must close the episode in the old RU and then open the episode in the new RU so that billing will be handled correctly. Once you're ready for the change, close episodes in the old RU and open it in the new RU. All workers at your clinic must also bw associated with this new RU so that they can access the Outcomes under the new RU.


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