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Specialized Foster Care FAQ

Page history last edited by John Flynn 12 years, 7 months ago

On the Baseline forms, under the Living Arrangements section, we are asked: “Have there been Suspected Child Abuse reports made related to living arrangements” and “Have there been incidents of violence related to living arrangements?” In the training we were told these referred to the living arrangements within the last year. I just wanted to clarify whether the reports/violence had to be related to the specific home their currently living in – or could it be any of the homes they were in within the last year?


The incidents of violence question also relates to the last 12 months.



I wanted to get clarification on the Financial section of the baseline --- should we be listing all forms of income, even if not being used towards the child (in the case of foster families)?


It should be resources that are used to provide for the child. If you choose to list the foster care rate for the client list it under other and write foster care in the margins of your forms.



Is there a specific definition of “Conservator” and “Payee” that should be used?


Both of these are legal appointments. I thought there was a definition on the wiki, but I see there is not. Here is a definition for Probate Conservator - Probate Conservatorship is when a judge appoints someone to decide where you live or what to do with your property. Someone who has legal authority to decide where you live is called a “conservator of the person.” Someone who has legal authority to decide what to do with your property is called a “conservator of the estate.” The other type of conservatorship we are asking about is whether the client has an LPS Conservatorship where someone is legally appointed to make decisions about their mental health care. Representative Payees are people or organizations assigned to manage finances for a client that is unable to do so on their own; usually this pertains to SSI payments


We have a 3yr. old who has never attended school and so for the educational information where the baseline asks for grades, what should we put? – there isn’t a place to mark n/a...


Go ahead and skip the question for now and we will have to make an edit to the application and the forms for the next go around to include an n/a.



In Specialized Foster Care we sometimes have kids who change placements, but the living arrangement type remains the same, in that it can be “foster care with non-relative” in both the previous and present placements.  It seems like we should do a KEC, but does it make sense, given that the type hasn’t changed?


You are correct: you should do a KEC when the placement changes. The OMA will read that as a living arrangement change even though it’s the same type. There is one exception: If the client remained with the same foster mother but the foster mother moved to a new address, then a KEC is not required.  



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