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TAY Legal

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Justice System Involvement


Did the client have contact with the police in the last 12 months? This question is asking about police contact due to something the client did. We are measuring contact related to the client as the perpetrator, not as a victim. This does not include questioning by the police about something the client witnessed.


Was treatment court ordered within the last 12 months?  Any treatment ordered by any type of court can be included in this question.  A client may be ordered to receive treatment for substance abuse issues, anger management, counseling, and etc.


Is the client currently a ward of court according to W&I Code 601/ 602 status?  This question asks whether client is a ward of probation.



Dependent (W&I Code 300 Status) Information


Was the client detained in child welfare system WITHIN THE LAST 12 MONTHS?  This question asks whether DCFS was involved in the placement or removal of the client in his or her living arrangement within the last 12 months.


Did the client become a dependent of the court IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS?  Was the client court ordered to become a dependent of the court in the last 12 months?


If the client was EVER a dependent of the court, indicate the year he/she was FIRST PLACED on W & I Code 300 Status:  Indicate the year when the client first ever become a dependent of the court.



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