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TAY Physical Health

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Client states he/she is in good physical health?


Client has access to needed medical services?

      -This question asks if the client has the means to get medical services or whether they have medical insurance.


 Client receives needed medical Services?

      -This question asks whether the client actually go to see his/her doctor.


 Client has a primary care physician?


 Client uses a primary care physician?


 Client has access to needed dental services?

      -This question asks if the client has the means to get dental services or whether they have dental insurance.


 Client receives needed dental services?

      -This question asks whether the client actually go to see his/her dentist.


Client demonstrates signs of regressive behavior (bed wetting, soiling)?

     -This question asks for possbile symptom of abuse or physical reaction to trauma.


Client demonstrates self-injurious behavior?

-Cutting or hitting self is an example of self-injurious behavior.


Client has violent encounters?

     -It includes physical (not merely verbal) violence such as pushing, hitting, etc.  Does the client becomes violent or a victim of violence?


Is client obese (based on BMI)?


Has client ever been told by a physician that he/she has diabetes?

      -Record Type I or type II only, not gestational diabetes.


Is the client pregnant or is the client receiving prenatal care?

     -If Client is Male, "N/A" is the appropriate response for the pregnancy questions.


Did client receive physical health services from a DHS clinic or hospital in the past 12 months?

     -This question ask whether client receive services from Department of Health Services hospitals or clinic only.


Department of Health Services (DHS) has published a list of their clinics if you're not sure...Harbor/UCLA is an example of a DHS (or County) Hospital).


List of DHS clinics


Does the client have a chronic physical health care problem or problems that require periodic medical services?

      -Examples includes asthma, allergies, diabetes, etc.




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