Prevention Program Surveys

These outcome tools are used for MHSA Prevention programs only.  For a list of programs that require these tools, please click here COS Prevention Program Table.pdf .   Please be advised that the Adult DESRT tool has been updated to version 2.0.  If you previously downloaded the tool from this site, you can copy and paste any data that has been entered in the old version into the new one. 



Adult Entry Survey-Armenian.pdf

Adult Entry Survey- English.pdf

Adult_Entry_V6_Korean Translation.pdf

Adult Entry Survey- Spanish.pdf

Adult Follow-up Survey-Armenian.pdf

Adult Follow-Up Survey- English.pdf

Adult_Follow-UP_V5_Korean Translation.pdf

Adult Follow-Up Survey- Spanish.pdf




Parent Entry Survey-Armenian.pdf

Parent Entry Survey- English.pdf

Parent_Entry_V6_Korean Translations.pdf

Parent Entry Survey- Spanish.pdf

Parent Follow-up Survey-Armenian.pdf

Parent Follow-up Survey- English.pdf

Parent_Follow-up_V5_Korean Translation.pdf

Parent Follow-up Survey- Spanish.pdf



Youth Entry Survey.pdf

Youth Follow-Up Survey.pdf




PEI survey adminstration script_Korean Translation.pdf


Data Entry Scoring Reporting Tool (DESRT)

Copy of Adult DESRT_2.0.xlsm

Copy of Parent DESRT_2.0.xlsm

Copy of Youth DESRT_2.0.xlsm


Prevention Outcomes Companion Guide

Prevention Outcomes Companion Guide 2018.pdf


DESRT Training Video