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OMA Troubleshooting Matrix

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Check out this listing for the solutions to common problems...







The OMA is telling me that I can’t enter my Baseline because the client is open somewhere else. What can I do to get my assessments in?

It sounds like another agency has started entering outcomes for this client and they have not finished entering them. You need to figure which agency that is and ask them to close their outcomes so that you can enter them.


  1. Check the Program, Baseline or other assessments for the Provider Number.
  2. If you know that provider, call them and ask them to complete the outcomes data entry.
  3. If you don't know them, check the OMA Provider Roster.
  4. If you don’t see them there, check the Provider Directory on the IS Webpage


If the provider is not cooperating in completing their outcomes, please contact Countywide Administration or the OMA Staff for assistance. However, we ask that you make a few attempts with that provider before recruiting the assistance of DMH Staff. If a few attempts have been made and you have been unsuccessful in getting that agency to complete their outcomes, we will step in to assist in the process.


I’m working on an FCCS client who has TWO Baselines open: mine, and someone else’s. I’m stuck!


(In some cases that other provider has also CLOSED the FCCS outcomes, which means you can’t do anything).

The first thing to do is to contact the other provider (see the question directly above), and talk through which of you should have responsibility for the client. In some cases there’s a main FCCS agency, and a secondary agency providing some support. In other cases, there’s just an overlap of dates that needs to be worked out.


Once you’ve determined that, you and/or the other agency might need to file a Data Change/Deletion Request (DCDR) to delete and/or change some assessments and programs. Please contact OMA Staff directly to get some help on sorting these problems out.


I am trying to enter FSP outcomes for a client, and I’m getting an error message that reads “Partnership Error.” How do I find and fix that error?

One of the changes we made with the last upgrade to OMA is the “Partnership Checker,” which is a behind-the-scenes validation to make sure the client’s record makes sense. Some things that users used to get away with (like multiple disenrollments, or assessments out of order) are now stopping users because of this Checker.


To get a Partnership Error fixed, call the Help Desk and report the client ID, Reporting Unit, and the fact that you got a Partnership Error. We will investigate and help you fix that error. Help Desk: 213-351-1335.


I accidentally did a 12, 18 or 24 (or whatever) Month assessment in FCCS when I meant to Terminate the client. How can I fix this problem?

You have two choices. If the client was due for that 12,  18 or 24 (or whatever) Month assessment, you can simply go to the next date (after that assessment) and file a Termination Update. If they are NOT in the window for the next assessment, you will need to file a Data Change/Deletion Request. Ask us to delete the extra assessment.


I have a client I can’t enter OMA’s for because they are open under Specialized Foster Care. There’s no one I can contact who will close that SFC program for me, so I am stuck. What do I do?

The DMH OMA team will close those programs for you: just give us a call and we will write up the DCR and fix that for you. You can contact either John Flynn or Miguel Juarez to get those old SFC clients taken care of.  

I have a client who keeps appearing on the 3 Month Tickler, even though they were disenrolled a long time ago 

The discontinued client keeps appearing on the 3Month Tickler because the KEC to discontinue the client was likely created before the validation was put in place to terminate the program.  You will need to submit a DCR providing the inactive date and requesting that the inactive date be entered. 

I have a client who has already been closed and I’m trying to add the Partnership Date because it’s blank.  I’m unable to because I’m getting error message: unable to access data, If this persists please contact the Help Desk. 

You are getting this error message because the Partnership Date you are trying to enter is before the date of the client’s program effective date in OMA.  The client’s program effective date is incorrect.  Verify with the IS System the correct program effective date.


Submit a DCR requesting the following:


Request the client’s program effective date (provide date) be changed to the correct date.

Request that the Inactive date in the KEC be temporarily removed so you can enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.

Enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.

Once you’ve completed the above steps the inactive date will be added back.



I transferred and discontinued client on the same KEC by Mistake!  Provider A completed a KEC to do a transfer to Provider B and discontinued the client on the same KEC.  Since I discontinued the client, Provider B is now having problems submitting an assessment.

The reason why Provider B can not submit an assessment  is because Provider A transferred and discontinued the client on the same KEC.  You should never discontinue a client when you are transferring the client. 


The following steps are need in order to fix this issue.


Step 1:  Provider A needs to submit a DCR requesting the KEC they submitted to transfer/discontinue client be deleted.

Step 2: If Provider B submitted a second Baseline for the client, Provider should request to remove Baeline and any attached KECs/3Ms (if any).

Step 3: The Implementation Group will update the Program in database, if Provider B added a program (delete the second program, and remove the inactive date).

Step 4: The App Dev Unit will update the Provider table in database (set the current provider back to Provider A).

Step 5: Implementation Group will notify Provider A to re-submit the KEC to transfer client (WITH NO DISCONTINUATION).

Step 6: Provider A must then submit a KEC to transfer client properly.

Step 7: Implementation Group will notify Provider B once it has been fixed that they can enter KECs and 3Ms. 

Step 8: Provider B should now submit KECs and 3Ms.

I click on this episode, and it doesn't let me start the assessment! 

There are a couple of possibilities here: are you associated with the reporting unit that episode was opened under?


If yes, was the episode connected to another set of Outcomes? In some cases, users have tried to re-use an episode by accident. Double check to make sure that there's only one set of Outcomes connected to that episode.


If you still can't find the cause, please call Help Desk so we can investigate the episode for you. 213-351-1335. There are certainly cases where the episode is not carried over to the OMA from the IS. They are rare, but it does happen.


I don't see the episode! It's in the IS, but not in the OMA! 

Double check the IS: is the episode still open? If someone CLOSED the episode you will need to ask DMH to "Remove the Discharge Date." See this page for more information on that issue.


If you still can't find the cause, please call Help Desk so we can investigate the episode for you. 213-351-1335.


I can log into the IS, but how do I log into the OMA? 

Your IS logon will be your OMA logon. If you are a contractor you might have some trouble: for contractors, they are automatically signed on to the IS when they use their SecurID. The OMA, on the other hand, requires another password.


To obtain that password, or to get password resets, please call DMH Help Desk at 213-351-1335. 


I accidentally started an assessment...how do I get rid of it? 

To delete an assessment, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form. You can find that form on this page


There's something on this assessment (like a date) that I am trying to change, but I don't know how to change it! OMA won't let me edit THAT.

To change something on an assessment that you can't get at, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form. You can find that form on this page


OMA is telling me my Assessment Date is wrong! It won't let me start my assessment at all. 

Check the Program Date Effective Date (on the Program tab): is it AFTER your Assessment Date? There's your problem. You need to ask us to change the Program Effective Date for you.


To change something on an assessment that you can't get at, you need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form. You can find that form on this page


I can't find one of my rendering providers on the drop-down list when I go to enter an assessment they did. How can I fix that?

Are you sure you're looking for the right number? The numbers in the drop down are the IS STAFF CODES: they are 7 characters long and combine letters and numbers.


A DMH Staff Code might be "E123456", while other providers have other numbers: ENK8765 for Enki, or CII1234 for Children's Institute for example. Many providers are looking for some other (internal) ID number...you need to use the Staff Code!


Is this a new provider? It could be that they haven't been added to the system yet. Are they appearing in the Integrated System? If yes, please call in a ticket to the Help Desk: 213-351-1335. 


The birth date (or address, ethnicity, primary language) for my client is all wrong in the OMA...but it's right in the Integrated System. How do I fix it?

OMA gets this information from the IS. If you update it in the IS, it will (eventually) get to the OMA. Sometimes this can take more than a couple of days. You cannot change it in the OMA…you have to change it in the IS.


My client's assessments are blank when I look at them in the "View Assessment" function (in other words, when I bring up the PDF version of them).  What do I need to do to fix this?

This almost always means that you or your IS worker deleted the episode you used to start the assessments.  You will need to file a Data Change / Deletion Request form to have us delete those assessments, and then you will need to re-enter them using a valid, open episode. You might have already closed that valid episode: if so, you'll need to file a Request to Remove Discharge Date so you can "re-open" the legitimate episode and do your OMA data entry.


Fax these to John Flynn: please label them Deleted Episode Problem so we can expedite them!


When I run a Client Search, I get an error message that says "Unable to Access Data"

Check the Programs tab: do you have two active programs? You'll probably need to file a Data Change/Deletion...contact the OMA team to get some help if you need it.


When I try to create an assessment from the client's record I get a message "Unable to get record: " followed by a bunch of characters.

This might be the same as problem 18: Check the Programs tab: do you have two active programs? You'll probably need to file a Data Change/Deletion...contact the OMA team to get some help if you need it.  

20 I can't get the drop down menus in OMA _or_ I am having an "Unable to Access Data" issue. This may be because you are now using a newer version of Internet Explorer and it's having a hard time communicating with OMA. IE has something called "Compatability View" that will allow you to make OMA and your browser work together. Check out this page for more on that: Compatability View and Internet Explorer

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