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OMA Troubleshooting Matrix

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Check out this listing for the solutions to common problems...


Issue #  Error  Solution 
I have a client who keeps appearing on the 3 Month Tickler, even though they were disenrolled a long time ago 

The discontinued client keeps appearing on the 3Month Tickler because the KEC to discontinue the client was likely created before the validation was put in place to terminate the program.  You will need to submit a DCR providing the inactive date and requesting that the inactive date be entered. 

2   The drop down menus on the OMA are blank! I can't even start an assessment!  You're probably using Internet Explorer 8.0 ... you need to click on the Compatability View Button... see this page for instructions! 
I have a client who has already been closed and I’m trying to add the Partnership Date because it’s blank.  I’m unable to because I’m getting error message: unable to access data, If this persists please contact the Help Desk.  You are getting this error message because the Partnership Date you are trying to enter is before the date of the client’s program effective date in OMA.  The client’s program effective date is incorrect.  Verify with the IS System the correct program effective date.


Submit a DCR requesting the following:


  1. Request the client’s program effective date (provide date) be changed to the correct date.
  2. Request that the Inactive date in the KEC be temporarily removed so you can enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.
  3. Enter the missing Partnership Date in the Baseline.
  4. Once you’ve completed the above steps the inactive date will be added back.
I transferred and discontinued client on the same KEC by Mistake!  Provider A completed a KEC to do a transfer to Provider B and discontinued the client on the same KEC.  Since I discontinued the client, Provider B is now having problems submitting an assessment.

The reason why Provider B can not submit an assessment  is because Provider A transferred and discontinued the client on the same KEC.  You should never discontinue a client when you are transferring the client. 


The following steps are need in order to fix this issue.


Step 1:  Provider A needs to submit a DCR requesting the KEC they submitted to transfer/discontinue client be deleted.

Step 2: The Implementation Group will update the Program in database (delete the second program, and remove the inactive date).

Step 3: The App Dev Unit will update the Provider table in database (set the current provider back to Provider A).

Step 4: Implementation Group will notify Provider A to re-submit the KEC to transfer client (WITH NO DISCONTINUATION).

Step 5: Provider A must then submit a KEC to transfer client properly.

Step 6: Implementation Group will notify Provider B once it has been fixed and they can enter KECs and 3Ms. 

Step 7: Provider B should now submit KECs and 3Ms.

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