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 OMA Users' Group



The OMA Users' Group is a platform for our Mental Health Providers to discuss all things OMA.  In this meeting, we provide updates with the various applications (FSP, FCCS, and PEI), discuss reports/reporting, present other related news that may be of interest to Providers, as well as, host an Open Forum where questions may be asked. You may attend in person at our DMH office, via phone conference, or Skype for Business.   



The next OMA Users' Group meeting: December 13th, 2017 from 2:00-3:30 pm


Location: 550 S. Vermont Ave, 3rd Floor - Conference Room, Los Angeles, CA, 90020.


OMA USERS' GROUP REGISTRATION FORM  Copy of OMA UG Registration 12-13-2017.xlsx


OMA UG Registration 12-13-2017.xlsx




Minutes Archive





Check out the results of our OMA User Survey, March 2012:  FSP_Data_Reports_Survey.xls  




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