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Fixing the FCCS Bugs

Page history last edited by John Flynn 11 years, 7 months ago

On February 23, 2011, DMH rolled out a set of fixes to bugs in the OMA's FCCS Section. There were a few problems we addressed with that new version:


  • User is  trying to do an FCCS 6month update but is only giving her a termination.  The problem here is that another user entered a FCCS Update, so the client's outcomes are seen as terminated by the OMA.
  • User has a client who she accidentally did a 12 Month Update on.  The update was deleted using the DCR, but when she looks at the client the 12 Month Column appears when she goes to edit the 6 Month Update (i.e. when she clicks on the edit icon).  The column is blank and it is the wrong place (it's between the Baseline and 6 Month Update).

    For details, please see this file: FCCSv1.0.10_ReleaseNotes_02_23_2011.pdf


    These are a few of the issues we're still working on...


    1. "Retro Assessments" ... User #1 saw the client before User #2, but User #2 got their assessments in first. This prevents User #1 from putting in assessments at all.
    2. Multiple FCCS OMA's at the same time...client has two open FCCS Baselines, which tangles up the FCCS Updates.
    3. Using the same episode for multiple sets of outcomes. In some cases, clients are going in and out of FCCS programs in the same agency using the same episode ID number. This is legitimate from a clinical perspective, but OMA is not able to handle it at this time. We are working to change the OMA to accommodate this. 


    If you have any client data impacted by any of these ongoing situations, please hold the data until we announce the solution. Those fixes will be announced here, and also through FCCS Alert. If you want to belong to FCCS Alert, please send a message to this email:





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