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Please Use the Help Desk

Page history last edited by mhoang@dmh.lacounty.gov 7 years, 11 months ago

Here's the secret of the Help Desk: HEAT tickets! These "trouble tickets" are powerful tools! They let us see problems developing across the system, and they help you to hold DMH responsible for good service. 


HEAT tickets don't just go away...DMH tracks them and holds DMH workers responsible for the tickets that are assigned to them. You can ALWAYS call the Help Desk and give them your HEAT ticket number and ask about the status of the ticket. What usually happens then is the Help Desk guy sends an email to whoever is responsible and asks him/her to look into the issue you called about.


You can call the Help Desk for issues like the Application Access process for getting access to any DMH computer system or program. If you're wondering what's up, you should call the Help Desk and ask them to check on the progress of  (for example) your RSA SecurID application. In general, any user who’s been waiting for more than 2 weeks for a response from the Applications Access unit should call Help Desk (213-351-1335) so that they can create a ticket and make sure things are still moving along!


HEAT tickets don’t just go away…and DMH’s CIO workers are judged on their ability to answer them in a timely fashion.

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