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Provider Roster

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If you are working on a client whose outcomes are still being held and worked on by another provider, you need to contact them to coordinate services with them. We've created a new Provider Roster to help you find those staff members you need to talk to. If you cannot find a contact for the provider you need to coordinate with, it is because that provider did not provide us with an OMA contact. You can also check the Provider Directory in the upper-left hand corner of the Integrated System information site.  If you have made multiple attempts to coordinate with a provider and have failed to get a response, contact your Countywide Administration or the OMA team to assist.


Here's the current version of the Provider Roster -- right click and save it to your local drive!



Provider Roster - April 20, 2017


If you want to add your name to the roster, please click here and fill in the blanks!

Email the completed form to fspoutcomes@dmh.lacounty.gov.


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