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Group CBT for Major Depression Learning Network

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The aggregate reports and minutes are available in PDF form.  Click link to open PDF document.


The Aggregate Report seeks to summarize many of the important statistical milestones of a practice on a countywide basis. It should not be considered a baseline but merely a reference that can help highlight strengths and weakness of the implementation of a practice.


 The Learning Network Summaries briefly describe the specific agenda items and discussion topics that occurred during each Learning Network meeting.   


Session # Date    Aggregate Report  Summaries
6/4/12 No report created* Unavailable
9/13/12 Group CBT Report 9-13-12 Group CBT Summary 9-13-12
12/11/12  Group CBT Report 12-11-12 Group CBT Summary 12-11-12
4/25/13 Group CBT Report 4-25-13 Unavailable
8/13/13 Group CBT Report 8-13-13 Group CBT Summary 8-13-13
11/14/13  Group CBT Report 11-14-13 Group CBT Summary 11-14-13
7 4/24/14 Group CBT Report 4-24-14 Group CBT Summary 4-24-14
8 8/7/14 Group CBT Report 8-7-14 Group CBT Summary 8-7-14

 *Aggregate Reports are not available for Learning Networks held prior to 8/15/12.


For all other questions, please contact us at PEIOutcomes@dmh.lacounty.gov .


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